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My Stock Photography in Action

My Image was on Stage at Live 8 - click here

Susan found some photos in Today Parent Magazine Booklet



Photo of my Son talking on cell phone

Photo of My Son's teeth
on ABC Science Online

Photo of my little Girl in paper

Found on Shutterfly.com website

Found online at Shutterfly.com

the SKIDOO is my photo on this billboard

* Telecom Promo Card using this image below in the Promo

* Printing.com used Pointing the Finger for a mail out

* Mushtaq's Food Machinery used my Telephone Mic image for there website when you go to the site click the contact button and you will see my image

* my cellular phone image on these two website

* Woman on a Cellular Phone was used on a Adoption & Fostering site

* The Image LOVE Letters was used on a ABC.com website

Visit the website Here

My Drinking Glass was used in Photoshop User Magazine

If you see any of my Images Online or Else where Please let me know!  

For more Stock photos click here to go to my Shutterstock Gallery